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    Company Clerk Guide

    Post  Koolmees [502nd PIR] on Thu Feb 26, 2009 8:50 am

    509th Parachute Infanty Regiment
    Company Clerk Manual v2

    If you're reading this, you've more than likely been accepted as the new Company Clerk of the 509th PIR. In this manual, we will go over what the Company Clerk is, what he/she must do, and how he/she must do it. If you have any questions pertaining to your duties, refer here to see if your question is answered within the text. Please be advised, it is a time consuming and surprisingly demanding position - be aware of your duties and attempt to accomplish them in a timely manner, as reasonable. Now, on to what you'll be responsible for as the new Clerk.

    - Personnel Files
    - Intelligence Reports
    - Greeting New Units
    - Challenging Units to Scrimmages
    - AARs (After Action Reports)
    - Promotions, Demotions, Awards, Demerits and Discharge Orders

    Section 1: Personnel Files

    As company clerk you have many duties, one includes keeping Personnel Files up to date. Record promotions, demotions, discharges and resignations. It is up to the Company Clerk to make sure that all information in a Personnel file is available. Below is an example on how it should be filled out:

    Subject: <Last Name, First Name>

    Scryer, Matthew

    • Date of Birth: 20/7/1990
    • Current Rank: Captain (16/2/2009)
    • Current Position: Able Company Commanding Officer
    • Past Ranks: Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain
    • Awards:
        American Defense Service Medal (16/2/2009)
        Army Parachutist Badge (16/2/2009)

    • Status: Active

    Be sure to keep up with Promotions, Demotions, Discharges, Demerits, LOA's and any awards that are posted. The sooner a personnel record can be updated, the more accurate it is and the better organized the unit will be.

    Section 2: Intelligence Reports

    As Company Clerk, you are also responsible for gathering intelligence on other units. Intelligence entails that you acquire specific information on other units, either enemy or allied. For example, here is an intelligence report on the 5th Ranger Battalion:

    5th Ranger Battalion
    The 5th Ranger Battalion is a Realism Unit for Day of Defeat: Source. We are attempting to honor the real 5th Ranger Battalion that was activated in September of 1943 and participated in the battle of Normandy at Omaha Beach (Operation Overlord).

    Generally, more information would be appreciated, such as Commanding Officer, Staff members, soldier count, so on and so forth. Keep in mind that you don't need to prepare an essay on the unit, just a general amount of information that can be referred to if needed.

    Section 3: Greeting New Units

    As Company Clerk, it is also your duty to welcome new units to the realism community. New units arise quite often, and if you see one around, be sure to get their information so that you may go by and post a friendly hello. Doing so may gain a valuable ally in the realism community; you never know. Upon posting your greeting, also ensure that you post our unit's information as well; meaning, our CO, XO, server IP address, and general information regarding the 509th. Be civil, polite, and respectful.

    Section 4: Scrimmages Challenges

    The final responsibility as Company Clerk is to challenge other realism units to Scrimmages. Keep in mind, you may only do so if the Commanding Officer has granted permission to proceed with the challenge. When challenging, provide general information on the unit, and specify a time and server, weapon restrictions and general rules (to be discussed). Keep an eye on your post, and work out any details with the unit's scrim coordinator in a timely manner. Please, be respectful and courteous while posting a challenge.

    Also keep in mind, not only is it your responsibility to challenge another unit, but also to address incoming challenges to us. If a unit places a challenge, it is your responsibility to talk with the Command Staff and determine a date, time, server to play the challenge on, weapon restrictions and general rules. Keep the challenger informed, and ask for general information on their unit if they do not post it themselves.

    Section 5: AARs (After Action Reports)

    An AAR is required for the benefit of the soldiers and those who put their time in and attend the events that occur. AARs should be filled out within 24 hours after the event, so that you do not forget to fill it out. Please use the format for AARs posted in the Company Clerk Office.

    The following are all the fields for an AAR and their descriptions:

    Subject: AAR dd/mm/year

    Date: (Date the event occured)

    Mandatory Attending Ranks: All ranks (This is a list of all the ranks that were mandatory to attend the event. Ex. Recruit, Private etc.)

    Soldiers Attending: 12 (This is the TOTAL number of soldiers that attended the event)

    Officers: 3 (This is the number of attending officers for the event, rank Second Lieutenant and above are listed here. ONLY list officers that attend)
    Capt. Scryer
    1st Lt. Cloyd
    2nd Lt. Napo

    NCOs: 4 (This is the number of attending NCOs for the event. Ranks First Sergeant, Technical Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal and all Technician Grades are listed in this section.)
    S/Sgt. Smedberg
    Sgt. Jackson
    T/4 Koolmees
    Cpl. Bigglesworth

    Enlisted: 5 (This is the number of attending Enlisted soldiers for the event. Ranks Private First Class, Private and Recruit are listed in this section.)
    Pfc. James
    Pfc. Boyer
    Pvt. Lopez
    Pvt. Wolf
    Pvt. Combover

    Soldiers LOA: None (List soldiers that have posted an LOA for the date of the event. Be sure to check everyone's LOA so you do not miss one.)

    Soldiers AWOL: None (List soldiers that have not posted an LOA for the date of the event that were mandatory to attend.)

    Training Method(s) Used: BCT, Realism (List all training methods here, BCT is a general term for anything that a Recruit will go through in training and drills. But for Officer events, give a word that best fits the event.)

    Summary of Activites: (Give a brief description of what occured in the event. if BCT, then list what BCT activites you went through, such as CORDs, Survival Training, Airborne Training etc. For Realism, list the maps played.)

    Side Notes: (List all promotions, demotions, awards and demerits here.)

    I, (Rank and Name) hereby claim that the above is accurate to my knowledge. I will correct and document any discrepancies that might arise.

    Section 6: Promotions, Demotions, Awards, Demerits and Discharges

    All Personnel Order posts are handled by the Company Clerk. For these the Clerk will receive a post in his/her office stating who the order is for and the reason why. The Company Clerk must confirm any promotions and demotions with the Command Staff.

    Promotion Format:

    Subject: Promotion <Rank and Name>

    Soldier's Name: (Last Name, First Name)

    Date Effective: (dd/mm/year)

    Approved By: (Rank and Name)

    Reason for Promotion: By order of the United States Army, <Insert rank and name here> has been promoted to the rank of <insert new rank> due to noticeable service and exceptional behavior. <add any other reasons here> (Be sure to give plenty of details so that this can be recorded and referenced properly in the future. Note that this can be slightly augmented or reduced.)

    Demotion Format:

    Subject: Demotion <Rank and Name>

    Soldier's Name: (Last Name, First Name)

    Date Effective: (dd/mm/year)

    Approved By: (Rank and Name)

    Reason for Demotion: By order of the United States Army, <Insert rank and name here> has been demoted to <insert new rank> due to <insert reason here> (Be sure to give plenty of details so that this can be recorded and referenced properly in the future. Note that this can be slightly augmented or reduced.)

    Award Format:

    Subject: Award <Rank and Name>

    Name: (Last Name, First Name)
    Date: (dd/mm/year)
    Type of Award:
    Reason for Award:

    Demerit Format:

    Subject: Demerit <Rank and Name>

    Soldier's Name: (Last Name, First Name)

    Date: (mm/dd/year)

    Approved By: (Rank and Name)

    Reason for Demerit: By order of the United States Army, <Insert rank and name here> has received a demerit <insert reason here>

    Discharge Format:

    <being edited>

    Well there you have it. All your responsibilities outlined in full. Know them, and do the tasks required in a timely manner, and you'll do fine. As Company Clerk, it would also be a good idea to simply help out in any areas that may need assistance, such as server problems, forum administering, etc.

    Just keep an eye on things and offer to help if and when you can. Once again, congratulations on receiving your new position, and good luck in your duties!

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